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The core benefits of EZ-Grid lies in the fact that it allows heavy duty open (e.g. pergola) or closed (e.g. cabin) 'grid' structures to be constructed anywhere with use the use of simple tools. No welding is necessary. This would be useful for areas where there are no electrical connections. This also means you can simply have general workers to substitute welding specialists for your work projects. 

In places where it is difficult for vehicle cranes to lift container homes or equivalent, you can opt to use EZ-Grid system. Individual connecting parts can be brought on foot to the designated site area, which can be a good distant away from main roads. Since EZ-Grid are non-permanent structures, they can easily be relocated to new sites. e.g. in the event of natural disasters like hillslides.

By simple action of bolting, you can fasten wood or steel posts in a grid like fashion. And you may attach a sun shade fabric, rain cover canopy or even hard roof structures like zinc, tempered glass, polycarbonate, shingles, etc. Our steel joints are tough and durable, and certainly adds a touch of design aesthetics to all your structural projects.

See the main components that comprises a basic EZ-Grid architecture. And understand how amazing outdoor structures can be built using our myriad of interconnecting steel powder-coated components. Each component comes bundled with attractive stainless steel cap nuts and galvanized screw bolts.

Our special grid connectors can offer you box structures of various shapes, sizes and heights. It's a truly 3-dimensional design capability. See examples of what you can achieve with Ez-grid using some imagination.

Need a simple but classy structure to shade your vehicles from the scorching sun? Use our simple combination of wood/steel leg posts, Y-Joints and Base Holder to make your carport structure. Finally add a durable shade fabric to provide the shading function. Rear pair of post can be directly attached to porch side wall to save costs.


We refer to our covered pergolas as gazebos. For this special gazebo design known as the 'Flexisky', we offer our resort client the pleasure of having sun shade inside the pergola structure on a perfect day via shade fabric. But when the weather sets in, our lower layer of rain proof cover canopy can be retracted out and tensioned to provide 100% protection from rain storms. It can be retracted back when pleasant sun shine pops out again.

CUBE CABIN (In Progress)
Yes, EZ-Grid is capable of offering your open or closed structures such as this homestay or chalet. By using top quality wall cladding, roofing, wall paneling, floor decking, etc will certain keep your resort guests happy and comfortable. And if used as a convenient home extension for your backyard office or guest room, it can certainly match the beauty of your home and impress your guests at the same time!