Slab Footings

So how to connect a series of 4x4ft deck modules together, and have them stay together without sinking into the ground? We make use of thin but thin but tough 1x1ft slabs to place directly on top of lawn or gravel (or hard floors) that acts as a ground footing support. Their centers should spaced exactly 4ft apart. The next step is to position each deck module's corner legs on top of its designated slab footing. Each slab footing consists of a proprietary locking mechanism that will lock on to every deck corner leg. Thus interlocking the various deck sections securely as one big solid deck. You may  adjust each individual leg height (1.5 - 3 inch leeway) to achieve a completely flat level deck and fasten the top panels as a final step.

Note: You will come to realize that having adjustable deck legs to be able to do micro height adjustment can be a real time saver. This useful feature comes as part of all our our deck modules designs. To save you hours of precise digging work just to get your deck elevation right.