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Product Description:

Faux decks are made using 18mm thick fiber cement panels. Fiber cement is a composite material made of cement reinforced with cellulose fibers. It is tough, durable and highly weather resistant. It won't warp, shrink or attract termites. We add multiple layers of protective surface coating that shields the panel from uv rays, abrasion from foot traffic and water penetration. Mini drain holes are added for water drainage. For wood plank pattern, horizontal grooves are individually machined into the fiber cement panels in parallel. So they look realistically like adjacent strips of wood. The deck panels are supported underneath by a series of easy-to-connect 9-inch square foot pads. Foot pads are tough, fully waterproofed and not subject to rot.

 Standalone Deck Panel + Support Foot Pads 

 Connecting Deck Panels + Support Foot Pads 

Product Features:

  • 18mm Fiber Cement Panels
  • Perimeter Wood Side Skirting
  • Standard Deck Height: 1 1/2"
  • 12mm Interlocking Foot Pads

Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • Faux Panels: 5 Years

8 FEET x 10 FEET

8 FEET x 15 FEET

10 FEET x 10 FEET

10 FEET x 12 FEET

10 FEET x 16 FEET

12 FEET x 15 FEET


EXAMPLE: Let's imagine your yard area to be 9ft x 10ft (90 sqft). The closest matching deck size would be 8ft x 10ft (80 sqft) using 5x4ft deck module combinations. Or for 8ft x 13ft (104 sqft) yard area, you would choose 8ft x 12ft (96 sqft) using 4x4ft modules as closest fit. Remember to only select a slightly smaller deck than all your available yard area, not bigger. For undecked areas, we recommend adding decorative garden stones as unique landscape elements. 


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