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Our Story

Decklife started off as a closed door design project to conceptualize the development of mini outdoor retreats literally anywhere in nature with a minimum of fuss. With emphasis of using our own in-house themed designs. Our journey is still continuing. For the meantime, we want to make our concept designs available to anyone who wants to get a taste of the outdoors right in their own backyard.

When you view our website, you will come across a myriad of outdoor design sketches that can be highly customizable. As an example, we served a client who needed help to design a special beach massage gazebo. A gazebo that can allow massage guests to bask in the comfortable filtered sunlight of the beach environment using our brand of shade sail fabrics as canopy cover.

Our client picked this design for the initial gazebo setup:

But they also needed to address the problem of sudden rain storms, for which the non-waterproof shade fabric will not properly hold up. Therefore, we suggested a second lower layer of rain proof fabric that can be manually retracted and back when rain sets in.

We, therefore, suggested this design as basis for the manually retractable rain cover:

Our client approved the plan, and we got to work right away. After a series of fruitful communication back and forth, this was the actual gazebo design eventually realized. Plus some extra deck elevation. The gazebo design outcome was so unique we even decided to give it a name!

This was the final outcome of our double layer canopy known as the FLEXISKY: 

If you are planning a backyard makeover or perhaps for import-export, and looking at fresh ideas for your outdoor projects, please let us know. Simply attach your favourite design sketch(s) and forward them to us. In no time, we can create something totally special for you. Just like our Flexisky!

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