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Mild Steel Grid

Did you know that EZ-Grid is also capable of constructing grids using steel posts, and not only solid wood posts? Although wood posts are exotic and rustic looking, their cost can be somewhat higher, depending on hardwood grade, especially with credible hardwood species. Using steel posts are not only cost effective, but well maintained steel grid structures can last an eternity.

So what is the major differences between a wood post and steel post when using EZ-Grid? For wood posts, the process is simpler. One only has to drill 2 holes with precision at the opposite ends of the wood post. The wood post can then be immediately inserted into the EZ-Grid connecting joints such as the Y-Joint, L-Joint or T-Joints. Followed by bolting on securely by 2 sets of rust proof bolts/nuts. However, for our EZ-grid steel grid design, we have to ensure that the steel post or beams are free from internal water buildup, before rust sets in to do long term damage. Hence, in order to prevent this, both ends of the steel post have to be fully welded shut. In the final process, the welded steel posts needs to be painted or sprayed with a coat of primer and a couple of coats of regular steel paint. 

Our illustrative step-by-step diagram (shown below) will highlight to users how this is done. And to show the final outcome of the EZ-Grid using steel posts once complete and connected.

Above Pic: EZ-Grid Y-Joint connector can be seen on the left and beam socket connector on the right

Above Pic: Demonstration of how the beam socket connector is plugged into the EZ-Grid Y-Joint connector

Above Pic: EZ-Grid Base connector can be seen on the top and beam socket connector on the bottom

Above Pic: Demonstration of how the beam socket connector is plugged into the EZ-Grid Base connector

Above Pic: Now we are ready to weld opposite ends of the mild steel beam onto each set of beam socket connector

Above Pic: Do a full weld of the mild steel beam with its beam socket connector to prevent internal seepage of water

Above Pic: The steel beam structure shown fully welded to both sets of beam socket connector at opposite ends.

Above Pic: Proceed to coat the entire length of steel beam structure using choice of primer and coats of colored paint

Above Pic: Our unique EZ-Grid design allows you to fully protect the EZ-Grid components for rust protection

Above Pic: The painted coated steel beam is now ready to be attached the various EZ-Grid Joint Connectors

Above Pic: The complete beam structure attached and bolted to Y-Joint connector (above) and Base connector (below)

Above Pic: A different perspective view of the completed beam grid structure.

Above Pic: All areas of the EZ-Grid beam structure is now protected from rust onset with layers of coated paint.