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Glamping Site

Glamping is all the rage these days, and if you are not familiar, to 'glamp' means to camp in glamour. There are 3 distinctive features of glamping in our interpretation. Firstly, since glamping is a form of outdoor camping, that means your guests have an expectation to 'Sleep Under The Stars' in some type of fabric canopy tent. The star ratings of glamping accommodation can range between 2 or 3 stars for a simple canvas fabric tepee or mongolian tent to 5-stars for posh safari tents. Secondly, the amenities that is present in a glamping tent would genuinely reflect 'creature comforts of home' and can encompass mattressed beds, coffee tables, chairs, dressing room, fan cooler, etc. The list goes on... And lastly, the glamping operators might offer their guests personalized room service. Similar to Airbnb nature retreat, Decklife can also offer you similar assistance in setting up a top-star glamping site. In addition, we have our own unique version of a luxury glamping tent design. For those interested, please feel free to request for more info.