For our range of faux wood deck panels (that resembles wood), we use highly water resistant fiber cement boards. But that's not enough for us. In order to make them fully 100% waterproof, we treat it with multiple layers of coating protection. Giving your deck surface unlimited protection against moisture, uv, impact, scratches, foot traffic, mold, etc. As for the deck sub-structure, we use durable steel frames with industrial strength pigment coated surfaces or galvanized treatment. Unlike conventional wooden deck base, our internal deck frames are not subject to decomposition, rot or termites. Enjoy many years of low maintenance decking. 
Fiber cement is a composite material made of cement reinforced with cellulose fibers. It is tough, durable and highly weather resistant. It won't warp, shrink or attract termites. We add multiple layers of protective surface coating (i.e. epoxy/ polyurethane compound) that shields the panel from uv rays, abrasion from foot traffic and water penetration. In addition, it commands a much lower cost than hardwood or wood plastic composites, and needs almost no maintenance. However, the best thing that we do is to make our panels resemble wood (hence the term 'faux') in the form of wood plank or wood grain patterns. For wood plank pattern, grooves are individually machined into the fiber cement panels in parallel. So they look realistically like adjacent strips of wood. For wood grain pattern, we decorate the panel surface into an interesting array of natural wood grain motifs. 
For our hybrid faux panel cum hard wood decks, we use predominantly CENGAL (1st Grade) or BALAU (2nd Grade) species of native hard wood planks. The sturdiness and high density of Cengal hardwood makes it a popular choice for premium outdoor projects back here in Malaysia. But the durable qualities of Balau as well as its affordability as an entry level hardwood also makes it ideal for Ez Deck products. Each of our deck planks are sufficiently air dried to preserve its form. However, if you wish to upgrade to other types of hard wood species, just let us know.
Our modular decks works a bit like Lego by connecting individual deck module sections. They make great solutions if you are looking for a basic deck layout for your home. Or you are a renting a home and wish to take the decks with you when you move. Maybe you might already own an elaborate deck on your property, but need a supplementary deck for that neglected breezy corner in your yard. Use our decks to create elevated platforms or walkways to keep your feet, prized items or electrical equipment dry. Cover up unsightly manholes or exposed drains but still have easy access for servicing.
Our standard deck module section measures 4ft x 4ft, 3ft x 4ft or 5ft x 4ft. For an extra customization fee, we are able to customize other types of deck sizes. Simply connect the various deck modules to create the deck layout you desire. Our deck elevation measures 4 inches high with the adjustable height legs at the lowest point, and 5.5 inch high at the highest point. Thus there is an adjustable height leeway of 1.5 inch by default. If you need even more height, we have bundled in leg extensions to give you extra leeway of 3 inches. Bringing your total deck height to 7 inches off the ground. If that is still not enough elevation for you, the other option is to slip in more shim pads under the leg plates. Or to do old fashioned digging or adding gravel soil to elevate your ground. Either way, our adjustable leg elevation ability will save you plenty of time and effort to get your deck exactly 100% flat and level!
Ez-decks are not designed as custom fit decks, but as modular system to best fit most environments. We have 3 different module sizes for you select from in order to achieve your desired deck formation. If your final deck layout does not fit your area perfectly, don't worry. You can always add beautiful landscape accents such as garden stones, pavers or artificial grass to decorate the unused space.
Our deck architecture involves connecting a series of standard 3x4ft, 4x4ft or 5x4ft deck module sections. Each module has 4 sets of adjustable height leg supports in each corner of the deck frame. Which allows you to make micro or macro height adjustments for a 100% level deck (with help of torpedo level indicator). Also, with the use of convenient 1x1ft (1/2" thick) slab footers to put directly on lawn or gravel, there is no digging needed. Simply place each individual deck frame onto each designated slab footer and make the necessary height adjustments. The slab footers also have a unique design feature to interlock the adjacent deck modules together. To provide you a safe and stable deck platform. The final step involves fastening the top surface deck panels. Our decks can be assembled by 1 person (slower) or 2 person (faster).
But don't let our deck's simple architecture fool you. With a bit of creative thought, you can arrange our decks from a rudimentary square or rectangular layout into sophisticated L-shape, C-shape or T-shape layouts. Need an extra feet or two of height elevation? Our decks can do that too. So you can create dazzling multi-level 3-d deck formations. Want to use a tree for shade? Not a problem, just remove a deck module to make way for your tree trunk. Same can be done if you decide to include a small fish pond or feature fountain in the middle of your decked area. Your imagination is the limit.
Our modular decks are pre-fabricated to fit common spaces. And consists of useful built-in functions like adjustable height elevation and bundled interlocking slab footers. To build directly on any type of unprepared ground. But more importantly, you don't have to spend thousands to prepare a permanent concrete base like what's required for traditional decking methods. And to put up with the mess and inconvenience!
If you want to pair your deck with modern looking shade canopy that is just as easy to set up, we can bundle in an Ez Grid gazebo with your deck. It features a 10ft x 10ft coverage with a fully waterproof and durable polyester fabric. The support posts and connecting joints integrate seamlessly to make the assembly process extremely easy for you. This is the only deck add-on attachment we are offering for now.