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We specialize in design and manufacture of ready-to-assemble outdoor structures such as decking, gazebo, pergola and cabin home. They are delivered in kit form to your destination and fabricated to exact dimensions that you have previously specified.
We classify our Ez Ready Kits under Ez-Deck (decks), Ez-Grid (pergola & gazebos) and Ez-Home (cabin homes). Don't forget we also do Furnishings.
Simply browse Ez-Deck, Ez-Grid or EZ-Home product range. When you see something that you like, click on Quote Me This Item. You will able to get to a chat page and request us to offer you quick pricing info. If that product is not exactly what you want, you can easily request us to customize some design changes for you.
Each individual Ez component has a standard set price. And we will calculate the total cost of your outdoor structure depending on the square footage area as well as foot run length of your various support posts. Send us your choice of kit design as well as size requirement, add-on extras, etc. and we shall provide you with exact pricing shortly.
Not at all. You can easily customize the dimensions of Ez Grids or Ez Homes. The maximum length or depth you can specify is 14 feet. Anything more, you’ll need to consult us to help you build a multi-grid support formation. For the case of decking, you can add more modules or reduce modules. And to increase or decrease deck elevation. Our deck module default size is 4’x4’. We also offer sizes in 3’x3’, 5'x5' or 8’x8’.
Don’t worry. You can imagine Decklife’s product to be a little bit like building Lego. If you don’t see it, at most times we can probably help you sketch out an entirely new product design free-of-charge and produce it according to your requirements to fulfill your needs.
There are simply too many products variations that can be built from Decklife basic components to be able to prototype and showcase each of them individually. Our diagrams are meant to help infuse our viewers with great ideas so that they can come up with their own. However,  we do have a Selangor showroom that you can visit anytime. So that you can understand and see firsthand how unique outdoor structures can be easily pieced together using standard Decklife components.
Ez Grid support posts can also be made of steel. See mild steel grid.
Since Decklife's modular structure concepts are new to you, you probably need some guidance. Contact us for help on designing multi deck/grid/home structures.
At this stage, we are only offering construction of BARE unit Ez-Homes. When we say bare unit, it means all roofing, wall panels, entrance doors, floorings, etc are complete. With the unit completely livable and protected against the outside elements. What is missing are furniture and furnishings inside. That said, you can easily find home renovators who will help you add bathrooms, cabinet or kitchenettes to your unit. We can even refer you to local established prefab bathroom specialists.
Decklife’s product designs are highly modular and portable. Our items are also stackable and takes up little space during delivery or when arrived at your destination. Once your kit arrives, the next step is product assembly and installation. Just like buying furniture from IKEA.
You can use Decklife’s panel installers if you reside within Klang Valley (for a nomimal fee). If you are from out of state, you can hire local help from your area or from home improvement websites like kaodim.com. Or you can diy with help of a friend using simple electric tools. In addition, we offer support by doing a quick initial site visit if you are based in klang valley. Otherwise, we can also conduct whatsapp video calls with your general workers for assistance during onsite installation.
Our general purpose deck designs has exciting formations to give you feel of 'floating'. We can safely say it may be largely used in applications that do not require a permanent structure. Despite its modular nature, you would be surprised as to how much customization can be done. Just speak to us.
No, you can’t, sorry. Our canopy fabrics are reserved for bundling with Ez Grid structures.