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Looking to upgrade your green space? Backyard projects using our range of outdoor furniture don't have to be expensive. If you lack the budget for genuine hardwood, for example, you can use faux wood instead. Or if you need a simple yet elegant outdoor structure, that's possible too. We have various grades of outdoor materials that you can select from. All of which performs equally well under Malaysia's harsh tropical climate.

 STEP 1:

Review Our Portfolios To Get A Feel Of Our Work

 STEP 2:

Review Our Ez-Deck, Ez-Grid Or Ez-Home Designs

 STEP 3:

Select Your Favourite Design(s)

 STEP 4:

Specify The Desired Size For Your Structure(s)

 STEP 5:

Specify A Maximum Allowable Budget Range

 STEP 6:

We'll Prepare You A Custom Design Quote

 STEP 7:

We'll Propose You Recommended Materials

 STEP 8:

If You Like What You See, You May Proceed


Once You Confirm Order, We Can Begin Work