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Decorated 4'x4' Eco Panel 


Our versatile decking system allows you to build instant decks on any type of terrain. i.e. gravel, lawn, damaged ground, etc. It can be relocated, moved to your new home or sold as used. Conventional decks may appear to be comparatively cheaper. But the downside is that most deck vendors will require you to engage ANOTHER CONTRACTOR to prepare a separate concrete base, before installing your deck. Doing this not only COST YOU EXTRA THOUSANDS OF RINGGIT, but deprives you of valuable future garden space. With Ez-Deck, you only need to incorporate a series of low-footprint removable concrete slabs as footing. Leveling can be easily done by adjusting each leg support to achieve a 100% flat deck surface!

USEFUL TIP: Want to plant flowers or grow organic veggies when you retire one day? Simply relocate one or more of your 4ft x 4ft deck modules. Then add your flower bed, square foot organic garden or even a koi pond fountain into your new found space!

FAQ 1: What is the difference between DECORATED ECO PANEL and DECORATED ECO PLANK?

Both decking surfaces are made from durable and weather resistant eco-friendly fiber based boards. With a touch of color wood stains, we can create an amazing rustic effect. Eco panels are flat surface 4ft x 4ft panels with a series of perforated holes (optional hole diameters) to allow water drainage in order to prevent pooling. As for Eco Planks, they make use of the same fiber boards but thicker. Instead of drainage holes, horizontal grooves are then machined onto the surface, so that it visually looks like a series of wood planks. And that wood plank effect is more apparent after a round of skilled wood staining. The horizontal grooves also allows for water drainage.

FAQ 2: What is the difference between LEG BRACE build and FRAME BODY build?

The Leg Brace build is a simplified version of our Frame Body modular deck platform. With Frame Body, it is a complete frame structure essential when needing to individually attach separate wood or wpc planks. It's frame is sturdy enough to allow for stable deck elevation up to a few feet high using leg plug-in attachments. In addition, if you need to add a required handrail protective barrier due to an elevated deck height beyond 2.5 feet, our Frame Body kits come to your aid. For our Leg Brace configuration, it does away with all the heavy duty applications just mentioned. It simply allows a no-fuss casual deck installation on any type of ground.