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Cube Cabin

Sorry folks... our cube cabin build is currently still in progress. But we shall give you a detailed description of what to expect when the cabin structure is complete.

The above cabin is essentially a familiar grid or cube structure made from the same EZ-Grid components (affixed using hidden steel columns) that we have previously highlighted. However, it is an enclosed structure unlike EZ-Grid pergolas which are open structures. When completed, this cabin will be a portable unit, which means it can be lifted by crane and placed anywhere within the designated locations. In the event that the said location is inaccessible by heavy vehicles, then there is the option of mobilizing the cabin's individual prefabricated parts by foot, and assembling the various components on site.

The cabin is a perfect solid structure made with quality exterior wall cladding using choice of tropical weather resistant wpc wall panels or cement boards. Further water proofing work will be done to ensure 100% water tight wall paneling. Roofing materials consist of corrugated bitumen roof panels which have a lifespan of 20 years or more. But more importantly, it is heat and sound absorbing, thus giving the cabin occupants a consistently cool and quiet environment to reside in.

For flooring choices, there is a host of options from carpeting, vinyl tiles, engineered wood to genuine hardwood planks. Wall insulation using appropriate materials such as rock wool is a prerequisite to keep the room cool when air conditioning is switched on, and to prevent excessive external heat from penetrating the cabin room. As well as making the unit sound proof for added privacy.

For the entrance, the deluxe cabin version will be constructed with grand-looking heavy duty aluminium sliding door glass panels. There is a covered porch entrance area just beyond front entrance aluminium sliding doors, and encased around the porch perimeter are a series of rustic looking wood board planks. The enclosed porch offers effective shielding from rain and some sun, and serves as a convenient place for occupants to sit and relax whilst enjoying the outside air.

Within the cabin interior, sleek looking tinted windows will also be present for perfect balance of light penetration. The ceiling takes the form of decorated white plaster boards interspersed with well-spaced comforting down lights. Interior wall paneling offers a rustic look using wood veneer or laminate sheets. Finally, each cabin unit's add-on options include luxurious bathroom, wardrobe cabinets as well as an exterior kitchen galley.


Important Note: We have included a reference image (google search 'muskoka cube cabin') of a similar 'grid-like' cube cabin that we think would be the closest match to the interior & exterior concept design and quality we are hoping to offer. We repeat that that this corresponding image is for quick reference only, and in no way reflects the exact build of our eventual EZ-Grid cube cabin.