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Barbeque Park

If you don't have the knack for running kitchen like our Al-fresco Diner setup, then you could do it beer garden or function-event style by setting up an outdoor arena that offers sub-divided mini spaces. Each space can take the form of either sheltered picnic table. Or it can be a cluster of 5-6 lazy chairs arranged in a circle and sheltered with an overhead covered pergola. These individual spaces can be booked by your guests on extendable minimum hourly basis. For purpose of barbeque, hotpot, potluck or simply b-y-o-b (bring your own beverage) gatherings. As a food court concept, you can also bring in food or drink sellers e.g. satay stall, so as to provide more convenience for your micro-event guests. For big events, you can offer the option for clients to book out the entire place on a publicly announced date. Don't forget to add that touch of outdoorsey with a host of safe and enjoyable outdoor games. What type of outdoor games? Please contact us to obtain some great ideas!