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Alfresco Diner

Have you ever observed Malaysian neighborhood restaurants that have possession of a shaded sidewalk, and filled it up with tables and chairs? And that it usually seems way more packed outside most of the time than inside of the restaurant? That goes to show that most patrons have a natural preference for enjoying their meal outdoors, if the opportunity presents itself. The potential for al-fresco eateries is still in its infancy here in Malaysia. But with Decklife's outdoor product range, you can easily set up a single al-fresco diner or a complete outdoor food court  concept that is going to be the talk of the town. Since all of Decklife's structures are non-permanent, and if you have access to a suitable plot of land, the chances of obtaining an operating permit is highly likely. Please call your local district council for more information. You can opt to invest in our durable hard side EZ-Grid cabin structure for use as kitchen. Or, for greater versatility, you may choose to utilize a large mobile food truck as gourmet kitchen. Please consult us for more useful advice.