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Modular Decks, Box Gazebos & Cabin Homes


Looking for attractive outdoor furniture or garden structures in Malaysia for your latest backyard makeover? Decklife offers modular outdoor decking, contemporary pergolas & gazebos, modern picnic tables, hardwood lazy chairs, small cabin homes and more.

We Specialize In:
Malaysia Outdoor Furniture, Outdoor Hardwood Structures, Hardwood Furniture, Steel Hollow Structures, Composite Wood, Wood Furniture, Malaysia Timber Furniture

What We Do


We offer instant decking solutions that does not involve the use of permanent outdoor structures. Use that wasted space for walkways, bbq corner, kids play area or a relaxing patio lounge. Let us help you convert unusable land into prime property.

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EZ-Grid makes simple or complex grid-like outdoor structures or furnitures. Build a cool covered garden pergola half of the cost of a traditional hardwood gazebo. Or construct impressive cabin homes without use of clunky shipping containers.

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What would a patio be without classic outdoor accents like sheltered picnic tables? Check out our new and latest design improvements. Serving food and pouring drinks is now easier without a canopy pole in the middle of your table.

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 Malaysian Made

We proudly call ourselves Malaysian designed & manufactured. We can be just as capable as our neighbors, if not better!

 Active Lifestyle

We want Decklife to inspire you to be one with the outdoors. Because we know its good for your mind, soul & wellbeing!

 Discover Places

We hope to bring Decklife to hidden locations with stunning natural beauty. Yet helping to preserve them at the same time!